November 2012

This video may not be the best audio wise and the overlapping angle shots make it a bit weird, but the variety-show-esque cuteness wins me over every time! Seattle’s TacocaT write catchy songs about urinary tract infections, not wanting to go all the way and basement living. sweet vocals on post punk pop rhythms with a sprinkle of tambourine and catchy hooks, TacocaT sound like a party i wanna be at. This band is so, so, so cool. check their myspace and bandcamp!!!

Melting Pot Massacre come at u with simplistic guitars and interesting vocals armed heavily with intelligence and rage. Laced with melodies, the catchy rough punk sound lets the lyrics and passionate message of MPM’s music to take center stage. From their facebook “We’re a People Of Colour band, committed to decolonise, destabilise and revolutionise music, one show at a time. Based in Auckland, our members identify as 1.5/2nd generation migrants in Aotearoa from Asia. We bring to our music stories of diaspora, social consciousness of indigenous & POC struggles, genderqueer navigations and at the heart of it all, a feminist take on hardcore Punk.” I missed MPM when they were in town due to uncomfortable feelings surrounding decolonise fest sydney (to which u can read their perspective here in an interview on mellow yellow blog), but this is a video taken from the fest in june, ps i cant believe that many ppl were checking their phones through so much awesomeness, seriously! Listen to more here!


NOV 13
In preparation for the upcoming PUNCH tour i thought it appropriate to acquaint u with some of the awesome support bands so u can look cool when u know all the breakdowns and gang vocals and no one else does. Lyrics from Sunshine Coast’s First Failure read like my diary after interactions with shitty people, shitty work or shitty shows. Frustrated screams form direct attacks to those consumed by egos, ignorance and privilege. This all lady three piece released their first demo earlier this year which u can find on their bandcamp for free download, along with all their lyrics. Also u can check em out at the gold coast and brisbane Punch shows.

Want some brash lo fi riot grrl laced with thrashy skate punk and fugazi esque influences? Meet Ovary Action from san antonio texas. Their split tape with Naw Dude has only three songs; short and so sweet. Unfortunately i cant find anything else from this band anywhere on the internet, including lyrics. Check out their demo for download on terminal escape here and enjoy.




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