MAY 2012

Fantails are a guitar and drum duo from Wellington NZ  making pop punk influenced by bands such as the assassinators and la fraction, but with a harder heavier edge. Sarsha, an NZ veteran serving time in many bands including as shortlived and the poodles, showcases her vocal talents, singing lead for the first time and nails it. This record takes u on a fast ride through rough riffs and sweet melodies, and the cd also comes in beautiful hand screen printed covers.


I want to say that i wish there was alot more than just 3 songs on this demo, but it all fits so perfectly together that i don’t think i would change a thing. Each other’s mothers from NYC make technical, intricate layers of sound that weave together to make full, interesting songs that hold ur attention until the end. See there band camp for the other two songs on their demo, and like me, be left waiting for more.


Melbourne’s Concrete Life make melodic rock n roll punk tunes full of brash guitar and layered vocals. As all three members of the band sing at various times, the sound of the band becomes quite versatile, with the distinctness of each voice bringing a different impact on the music below it. Ex members of the diamond sea, the focus and paddington bear affair, download their demo for free at their band camp.


MAY 17
So i skipped town and got caught up having adventures and totally couldnt fit in song of the day for almost two weeks now! I have returned with a killer song, but alas hardly any info on the band at all. The Curtains of Night were from chapel hill, north carolina and released one record (as much as i can tell!) this two piece pound out sludgey metalish slow to midpaced songs that draw u in to a stoner trance pierced by intermittent dual vocals. The high screaming chorus and full sound offers individuality to a genre that can easily fall short. Only two songs have been uploaded to their myspace, and the rest is for download off of itunes (blegh) so u can find a couple more on my sound cloud, where it will be up for listening until i get a letter from a lawyer telling me to take it down. enjoy!


MAY 18

Asheville’s Kakistocracy make fast paced melodic hardcore crust in the vein of schifosi or his hero is gone but with a slightly softer metal edge. the momentum of these songs is carried by melodic guitar riffs broken by chugging breaks in all the right places.  Although lyrics discuss environmental and antiestablishment ideals, the vocals meld into the music so perfectly, you would be forgiven for not hearing the sentiment and becoming wrapped simply in the full sound of Kakistocracy. They were supposed to be releasing another LP last year, but i dont seem to be able to find it ne where… Check out their myspace for other songs.


MAY 19

Always sounding just a little exhausted and done with it all, vocals from Pamela, Claudia and Viole (at this time) reinforce the inertia experienced when listening to Agatha: you are dragged through a high speed rollercoaster of tuned down techy riffs, crashing drums and hypnotic bass lines until it is suddenly over and u are left to collect yourself. Not to be confused with agatha of olympia, this Agatha, from Milan, Italy went through various incarnations as a 3 piece (as was in this recording) but just released their most recent LP as a duo. Check out their myspace for more songs and a peek at the beautiful artwork in the new LP.


MAY 22
Despite apparently making quite a name for themselves in the u.s., geographical stunting has allowed me to find out only the following about Oakland’s Displeasure: they have only one 7 song tape and i cant stop playing it. The blown out style recording of this tape adds a warmth to the untouchable attitude of these songs. Bratty vocals relenting to moments of uncontainable anger and frustration compliment melodic riffs and interesting drum structure. I think this demo is a fricken winner and although i couldnt find ne where to stream it, you can download it here, and hopefully at some point in the near future, buy it from me!


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