MARCH 2012

My friend just shared this on their facebook as a link to their new band and as i am so excited about it i have to put it here right now. i have no idea if they have other recordings or what will happen or what they will release or when but i am so stoked this song is ruling so here it is. They r from sydney, simoo soo also makes breakcorey techno, shelagh also wails in sharkbait and eat my shorts. Loving the New Boyfriend.

There are few things that make me more sad than the fact that this band only ever put out one demo and a tape split (with malaysia’s daighila – check them out they are also very awesome). With members of Majorca, diamond sea, shit weather, bad taste and a string of others, Circuits’ heavy riffs and brutal vocals make u want to mosh everything and everyone all the time whilst simultaneously having a little cry because of all the emotions ur feeling.

originally from new york and new jersey, Seattle’s Big Eyes make garage rock inspired pop punk. Frontperson Kate’s distinct vocals can be recognized in previous band, Cheeky while ex bass player keith went on to form Swearin’ with P.S. eliot’s Alison Crutchfield.

Deathrats from DC were together for 3 yrs and broke up only this year. Blazing fast paced energy and vicious vocals screaming of self image, female competitiveness and the frustration of daily duties when u just wanna live your life, this band is fucking killer. RIP deathrats, you will be sadly sadly missed.

wellington NZ brings us another awesome bunch of fierce ladies makin noise with no apologies. Mixing riot grrl with metal influences, members of Natural Glow have been in a string of other bands such as scab, rogernomix, punchbowl just to name a few. This band is also a good example of the awesome shit coming out of the incredibly productive city that is wellington, but is largely unknown outside of NZ.

MAR 18
oh god has it really been this long since i have updated my songs? ugh. life has been getting the better of me the last few weeks but song of the day is back! and not only back, but sweet, catchy and cute. Peach Kelli Pop is the solo project of Allie Hanlon, drummer of the White Wires. I love this because its perfect for a quiet singalong, a loud chorus with friends and dirty afternoon teen make out sessions. whatever is on ur schedule peach kelli pop will make it that little more magic.

MAR 19
i am so excited for this! these two tracks from philadelphias Hirs and melbourne’s Shit weather are a brief preview of the awesomeness on their split flexi, launched last friday. Even given the fact that most hirs songs go for less than 25 seconds, Hirs r ridiculously productive with their first 100 songs on their band camp for free download. also these kids r heaps receptive to folks interested in their lyrics, just contact em by email. These 2 bands are currently spreading glitter and brutality across australia, check out the main page for flyers of upcoming shows.

MAR 27
To celebrate receiving lioneater/will power split tapes in the mail yesterday i decided to share one of my favourite lioneater songs. Previously of the sandwitches and foul crux, izzy jarvis sings us sweet songs filled with warmth and melancholy. i have listened to this demo over and over and over and still feel like its new. Also aside from making beautiful music izzy is an amazing artist, check out

MAR 29
Previously a 2 piece, Hex On The Beach have thickened out their sound with the adoption of third member biddy on bass. Using haunting melodies over slow heavy jams, Melbourne’s Hex is the perfect soundtrack to your next witchy ceremony. Having said this, i have chosen this song as it is my favourite, but even though it is in the same vein as the rest of their catalogue, it is also the wildcard of their recordings. check out their bandcamp for download of their demos, or buy them in real form from me!

MAR 30
So this is a little step outside the DIY world, but i went to see electrelane on their reunion tour last week and it blew my fucking mind. Having only recently become acquainted with their catalogue over the past year or so, i never saw them back in the day and was a little scared to see them live, worried that perhaps i had missed the magic and their songs would lose their impact for me. Luckily that fear was unfounded. Being wrapped in the melodies and steady beats you dont really hear how much these incredible musicians actually have going on in each song unless you really listen for it.. or watch them do it as i was lucky to have. I love this band so much and if your into this you really should check out their whole catalogue as it all exists within one defined electrelane sound, whilst still managing to experiment and push boundaries of indie pop. check em out.

MAR 31
Curmudgeon from Boston bring heavy hardcore in rough recordings with clear-ish vocals letting u distinguish the interesting lyrics. fast bits. slow bits. all awesome.


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