JUNE 2012

JUN 26
someone precious once put this song on a mixtape for me that was made on a tape player that recorded everything just a little bit too fast. Because i had never heard it before i thought it was the way it was supposed to sound, and even now hearing the right version sounds a little off to me. Nevertheless, this song still gives me butterflies both because of my own memories but also because of Stina’s bursting vocals the giddy excitement in every beat. Songs layered in complexity of busy instruments lead sweetly by interesting vocals, Baryshnikov wraps u up in a big warm hug and begs u to dance. Sadly this band is long gone, but u can find their record for free download on their bandcamp.

oooh and this one too!!

JUN 24

Need a soundtrack to ur dance party being held on the ashes of heteronormativity and capitalism? Maybe call Fucking Dyke Bitches from portland for their brand of queer grunge laced with a healthy dose of confrontation and fuck you attitude. Check out their band camp for free downloads of their demo as well as their facebook page for lyrics. (as a side note: when asked about the subject matter of  their song “femme fascist” the band replied to say that this song was regarding their experience of copping flack for being feminist fascists – or “fem fascists” and have discussed changing the spelling in case any femme’s were unintentionally offended at this.)

JUN 19
I love this band. sparkly drums carrying pop music FULL of perfect melodies crafted with personal and meaningful lyrics, what more could u want? Featuring Kyle from Big Soda and Allison of P.S. Eliot vocals sounding like they were made for each other, this band is the perfect soundtrack to.. anything really. Heartbreaks, swooning, party times, bed room cleaning/dancing etc. I couldn’t choose which song so u get two! More is available on their bandcamp, lyrics on their tumblr, and if you make it for free download of both the self titled and “what a dump” records.

JUN 18
With only a guitar, drums and a lot of attitude, The Ovens from Chicago “share a common interest in riot grrrl music, confronting sexism and homophobia in punk scenes, and playing music without fear of judgment.” Despite obvious influences from riot grrl greats such as sleater kinney and bikini kill, original lyrics discussing such topics as heteronormativity and imposed gendered bathroom etiquette along with pissed off energy will keep u coming bak for more. Check out their bandcamp for 2$ downloads of their demo, their tumblr OR (!!) perhaps tapes from me in a few weeks! yay!

JUN 17
When i say dissonant, sloppy and grating in reference to London’s Woolf, i mean it all in the best possible way. Describing this band proves difficult as steady paced chanting quickly can turn into experimental noise to change again to melodic pop tunes with vocals reminding you of a fucking pissed off coco rosie. Queer, DIY, angsty noise. Awesome. See their myspace, bandcamp and also soundcloud to listen!

JUN 16
Queer, vegetarian, straight edge powerviolence from Calgary. Rape Revenge make people uncomfortable. When asked about the choice of the band name, vocalist Samantha replied “Fuck defense, I want to get on the offensive. I want sexual predators to fear for their lives. I want revenge. I want revenge for all survivors, not just women. For children, for men, for people with disabilities. Sexual violence is happening in punk and hardcore communities, and we need to talk about it. Rape should not be a hush hush thing we hide, hiding it implies it’s something the survivor should be ashamed about, which implies blame.” Unapologetic anger fuels fast, short vicious songs that leave u feeling uneasy and provoked, in a really good way. Check out their tumblr for a download of their lyrics, their myspace for more tunes, and Vista fanzine for the interview sampled above.

JUN 13
This demo rules. Gothy droney melancholy from adelaide with deep stirring vocals and solid rolling songs. Unfortunately this is the only song they have on the internet apart from a fit inducing video that has a strobe light for the entire 2 minutes and 44 seconds, so if u wear fishnet shirts and tear stains under ur tight black jeans and flannels, u will be left wanting more.

JUN 11
No sotd for the last few days as i have been caught up between work and shows for decolonise fest. But to make up for it i post not just a song today, but an entire set! Unfortunately (for us) Zita Grimm are breaking up in a month and although they have only a live recording of their first show (which u can download here) we have been promised a demo before the band is done. Delicate melodic guitars seem to almost pour out effortlessly, drawing together the momentum pushed by Joel’s interesitng drum style and raw, sparse vocals to make DIY screamo magic. Check out their wordpress for updates on their last few shows before they r gone.

If you don’t know Scott Viney you should. Playing in awesome bands such as Majorca, Circuits, Infinite Void (to name only a few), recording a mutlitude of bands, doing sound at ur local punk show and just generally being a lovely sweet kid, Hospital Vespers gives us another reason to love him. Writing, recording and playing all instruments himself, walks between gentle shoegazing beauty and loud all encompassing melancholy. Epic wails, chants and brutal screams utilise Scott’s vocals as another instrument to weave in and out of a milieu rich in distorted guitars, bass, sparkling cymbals and snapping snare. Having said all of this, the song i have chosen to put up is older and not necessarily truly representative of the 5 track “burn me down” demo available for free download on his soundcloud. But i dont care. I love his vocals and i love hearing him sing and it’s my blog so i get to choose. If u wanna hear the other stuff, go to the soundcloud and check it out.

Chicago’s Condenada are an explosion of ferocious unapologetic politically fueled hardcore. Switching between powerful wails and brutal screams, Mariam’s vocals personify the high intensity guitars, bass and hard hitting drums that crush anyone in the way. Condenada has a momentum that grabs u, forces u to listen and then drops u in a mess to finish the work urself. As it should be. Check out the not normal tapes bandcamp detailing Condenada’s entire catalog.

Following this trend of gravel voiced greats is a song off of the 2007 demo from olympians, Hooky. Featuring Erica and matt of RVIVR fame, this demo was short sweet and gutsy. Holding alot of unapologetic attitude and alot of heart this is the only recording for hooky, which u can download here.

From Brisbane, Pastel blaze mix grunge, glitter and rough punk into up tempo songs carried by melodic guitars and lisa’s sweet throaty vocals. Download their demo for free at their bandcamp or check em out this friday at decolonise fest in sydney.

Eekum Seekum from halifax, nova scotia are self described as a “queer, feminist, trans positive, sissy ass punk band”. Sweet melodic back ups and gravelly lead vocals intermingle with raw punk tunes to give life to lyrics covering commercialization of queer culture, suicide, friends and summer time fun.

ok, so may was a little bit of a fail month for song of the day but i have vowed to make june all about awesome music starting with a song of the day i have been excited about posting for weeks but only have now time to sit down and do it (!!!!!!).

When i listen to this band i am always surprised that the kick in the guts i experience is still as strong as the first time i ever heard it. With emo chords holding up screams and melodies interspersed with drum fills, break downs and gang vocals at all the right times, musically alone Lumber Lung is awesome, but what makes this band really hard for me to pull myself away from is the lyrics. Covering themes of ownership of our bodies, experiences of patriarchy and empowering our selves and those we love, these songs become more than punk tunes with political content. Delivered the desperate refusal of silence in Kaitlyn’s vocals they become a letter of love and solidarity to everyone who has ever experienced the same shit and found strength. Check out their bandcamp for free downloads and their blog for news and lyrics.


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