JULY 2012


Brash, abrasive stripped back punk with gutsy vocals and a shit ton of attitude. From brooklyn, check out their bandcamp for free download of their demo.



So, if u look past the homophobic comments, the rants and the public displays of abusive parenting, hole r pretty fuckin sweet. Despite the very well known problematic front person, they were also one of the first bands to make me feel like i had the power to flip the bird to the bullshit of the world and stand on my own feet – and also find other freaks that were doing the same. After hearing some hard and upsetting news today i post this tonite for all those who need a little burst of that teenage defiance and magic.



if u could bottle that feeling of being a teenager where everything is the biggest deal ever and completely emotionally driven, whilst simultaneously not giving a goddamn fuck, and then pour it out onto a record, this would be it. Fuzzy, lo fi, energetic grunge pop with the duo alternating between instruments and both doing vocals. Slutever from Philadelphia r fucking good. Check out their bandcamp for download of both records, and their blogspot for other interesting stuff including their video for “pussycat”.


JUL 12

there is no feeling as bittersweet as finding a the demo of some random band, to realize you LOVE them, and then realize they are long gone. and not only this, but they existed a mere 3 hrs from ur house and they weren’t that random, u just didnt know about em. A buddy mentioned Canberra’s Jerkstore to me in passing the other day and upon looking them up, i can now say i am completely obsessed. 8 songs and 15 minutes of fast paced high intensity, fun, furious hard core with vocals that remind me what being pissed off really sounds like. straying away from predictable hardcore riffs, refreshingly interesting thrashy melodic guitars hold u in some sort of trance whilst ur body uncontrollably moshes. Refuse to lose said “The best thing about Language Barrier is that listening to itfeels about as close to being at a live show as you’re likely to get in recorded format. Even with headphones on it almost seems like the band are playing directly in front of you in some tiny, packed-out venue” and i cant agree more. I challenge u to stay still while listening to this. Go to the eat a book records band camp for free download of this demo in its entirety.



JUL 21
life is eating me up and it seems i can only keep this going every little while, but hey a little new music is better than no new music at all right? today i post a whole record that i find myself returning to for a soundtrack to a task at hand. LIFE is the LP from taurus, a doomy two piece out of portland made up of members of purple rhinestone eagle and dark castle. For those of u who like to take it slow, this record is a mix up of ambient riffs, soundbites, vocal effects, moments that seem to build for eternity and crushing falls. I find this record unsettling and sometimes uncomfortable and whenever i listen to it im not sure if i really enjoy it in a joyful or sweet sense, but more in the way of being taken somewhere and detached from the present, which i think is a pretty amazing feat for a piece of music. their band camp also have many different options for ordering the LP including a box set with other things in there too. check it out.




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