i am so fucking in love with this band i can’t even describe how excited they make me. such amazing pop punkery with incredible dual vocals from columbus ohio. go to their band camp and love them too.


Tangle (ex eucalypt, do not resuscitate, drowned out) r a 3 piece from Brisbane. Intertwining vocals emote very thoughtful lyrics that resonates with you long after the tape is over. this demo is one to be played and played and played. You can download their demo tape at their bandcamp for free (or get the tape off me!).


Waxahatchee is the solo project of Katie Crutchfield (P.S. Eliot).  Bathtub is from Waxahatchee’s new LP entitled “american weekend” which has been described as “The kind of record you want to keep all to yourself and tell the whole world about at the same time”. There isn’t much more i could add, especially because it breaks my heart so much i find it hard to listen to all the time, luckily it’s haunting beauty speaks for itself.


Hailing from Brooklyn NY, Death First fuse crust influenced hardcore with thoughtful original lyrics to produce awesome furious records. This song is taken off of the 7″ of the same name, and is available for free download at their band camp. Warning: this may induce some serious bedroom mosh.

FEB 12

oh my goodness i am behind! so the last few days have been pretty hectic and i have been a bit slack with new songs, but don’t fret! i have been making mental notes of my songs of the day to uploaded later – or now in fact!

Zombie Dogs

Members of carnal knowledge, each others mothers + bridge and tunnel… so so so awesome! hear more at their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/zombiedogsnyc

Abrasive relations were a 90s all grrl punk band out of Manilla that sadly released only one lone self titled 7″. They were also featured on a couple of comps. This low fi recording and gang vocals make it impossible not to dance, so good!

My precious are a furious 5 peice from singapore that assembled in the early 00’s. Tough as shit dual vocals interspersed with sweet melodies amplify the intensity leaving u desperate for more.

Colossal Youth

From their tumblr: ”
Three kids from Melbourne Australia who have been playing shows since March 2010. We are Kirk, Louise and Philippa, drums, bass and vocals. We are not ashamed of our blatant reference to the record of a band we wished we sounded a lot like.”

FEB 14

Throwing up hail from London, England throwing up give us stripped down grunge punk sometimes sweet and melancholy, sometimes rough and jarring. Check out their tumblr for more : http://throwinguptheband.tumblr.com/music

FEB 15

argh i have had a total shit day, and and the spirit of my shitty crap day i am posting a song from a band i love dearly but sadly never got to see as i live on an island very far away from brooklyn. Cheeky were around a few years ago but have since broken up to go on to bands such as big eyes, big soda, very okay, aye nako, little lungs and a bunch of others aswell as beginning feminist art collectives (the incredible for the birds collective). The sound in this video kind of sucks but i dont care coz ive had a crap day and basement shows rule. check out their myspace for more amazing songs.

FEB 16

I feel like Shannon and the Clams need no introduction so i wont bother, except to say that this video is cute as shit, i love this song and they are all incredibly attractive.

FEB 17

New Orleans’ Tooth and Wail self describe themselves as “3 girls, keys, drum, bass, violin, sax, flute, pop standards, bible verses, original hot jams, baby-girl tells all”. For those who are into the more avante garde, tooth and wail makes a perfect soundtrack for rainy contemplative afternoons.

FEB 19

To make up for an absence of SOTD yesterday, i decided to post a 2 tracks off of a split cd that i have become a little obsessed with in the last week or two. From the netherlands, the Landverraad/Sloth split is filled with passionate politics, pissed off vocals and epic breakdowns.  Landverraad’s higher overlapping vocals and punchy pace  work to compliment Sloth’s heavy more crust influenced sound awesomely. To be honest this record took a little while to grow on me but now i can’t stop listening to it, but if nothing else, u should go to Sloth’s bandcamp page just to see the cute picture of a sloth in their logo and then try and listen to their heavy as shit music and not like them.

FEB 27

oh boy, seems there have been quite a few days with no songs to fill them, but luckily i am making up for it with a really really really good one. Portland 3 piece New Bloods released their tape “the secret life” in 2008 and no matter how hard i look i cant really find any info on them or on any later releases (but u can listen online on their myspace). which sucks. because this band is so awesome. Their layered grunge vocals and fiddle produce an eclectic emotive sound that becomes super addictive super quick. this tape is a constant turner, and luckily, on order for DBD.

FEB 28

Shh..Diam! are from KL, Malaysia and make sweet rock n roll tunes spliced with punk and at times, lounge jazz. description sounds weird, but shh..diam! sound good! check em out on myspace or reverbnation.

FEB 29

Shoppers, hailing from Syracuse, NY give us fuzzed out riot grrl songs that pack punches straight to the guts. Described by their drummer as “Pissy vegan queer punk”.


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