FEB 24th
it has been so long since i have been doing this properly, and the neat and tidy part of me was wanting to wait for the 1st of march to start again, but i am so excited i have to do this now. Xanax features members of off minor, Hirs and layers/quake (amongst many other bands). I am too busy getting goosebumps from miss Greg Dean’s incredible vocals to describe it, so just listen and then download the 2 song demo for free. ❤ yay SOTD returns!

FEB 25th
Crisis Alert from adelaide give us short fast songs reminiscent of early 80s hardcore. MRR review summed them up perfectly with “Less snot and more ‘thinking’… cymbal heavy.. simple song structures with riffs that arent played out. cool” Check out their tumblr for more info or see resist records for their 7″.

FEB 28th
Brooklyn’s GirlCrush make romance fuelled pop punk that transports me back to my early teens, lying on my bed blasting blink 182 waiting for the phone to ring. Pretty standard song structures and steady drums, these songs are heavily vocally driven making the lyrics the focal point but with, at times, unashamedly gooey lyrics that everyone can relate to this is not a problem. Think late 90s pop punk X queer romance. Check out their band camp or facebook.


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