this morning i woke up and put on this tape and was shocked to realize this is the first time in 3 weeks i have listened to music for the fun of it. Given that work has been eating my life and my unacknowledged need for a reconnection to things i love and care about, Troubled sleep’s perfect mix of warmth and melancholy was exactly what i needed. Gentle pop punk melodies set a backdrop for thoughtful lyrics accentuated by harmonising back ups, this band should be combined with delicious coffee, sunlight and hopes for the future. Members of Bridge and Tunnel and End of Year, check out their band camp to listen to this demo and also their new 7″ released earlier this year.


Wick and the tricks out of Kansas city meld 80s punk and riot grrl filled out by gutsy vocals and queer as fuck lyrics discussing such things as turning the tables on hetero normative oppression and makin out with ur sweetie. This demo has grown on me very very quickly, and i suggest giving it a second and a third and a fourth look and then just accept u love it and listen to it every day. check out their bandcamp for the whole thing!!


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