APRIL 2012

Ugh i had a really hard time trying to choose just one song to put up here and then i accidentally shared the entire demo… I’m gonna take that as the universe telling me you need to hear it and leave it up until someone tells me to take it down.  Another Boston band, Foreign Objects manage to mix guts, raw toughness, interesting and meaningful and empowering lyrics and still package it in music that is impossible not to dance to. members of ampere, red thread and libyans. if you like this you should check out their sound cloud where you can hear their demo and EP, and then you should go to the dirty bird catalogue page and order one of everything of theirs i have because they are amazing!

Unholy Sheffield Vegan Punx. This is unquiet grave’s self description on their myspace, and it sums them up perfectly. Raging crust riffs maintain energy throughout their whole demo, paying perfect compliment to the brutality of Donnas vocals which sound like they are being ripped out of her with every word. Check out their band camp to hear their whole demo.

yesterday when trying to busy myself with school work i realized my palms were sweaty, i was mouthing the words and i had turned into one of those people u see in public badly dancing to music no one else can hear. i am super tired tonite, and am trying to write a description of this band that will do them justice but the words aren’t coming. listen to their records. all of them. mentally mosh in public places and look like a fool. its worth it.

Previously of crux and altered beast, Anna Vo’s new solo project takes it down a notch to give us beautiful folk melodies intertwined with haunting soundscapes. Check out her band camp for full download of the new album.

APR 10
aptly described as 4 little bart simpsons, Eat My Shorts are like that cute kid in high school that punches u in the arm coz they wanna say they like you. constant gang vocals and guitar solos, eat my shorts are awesome to listen to and equally if not more awesome to watch.

APR 11
so in the spirit of shameless self promotion, todays song of the day is shark bait, a band i have been lucky enough to play bass in for a while now. Tomorrow is both our tape launch and our last show in marrickville, sydney. See the home page for show details and the band camp for a few other tracks on the tape. otherwise, after some speedy assembly they will be available thru DBD and one brick today.

APR 12
It is quite late, i just played my bands last show and am too tired to write a good description of this band so instead i will just go to sleep listening to Des Ark. You should listen too because the are very full awesomeness.

APR 16
techy post punk mixed with grunge mixed with riot grrl, pensylvania two piece trophy wife demand attention. this record comes at you straight away with an unapologetic fierceness that is maintained throughout all 9 songs. Mixing soft melodies, brutal gut wrenching screams and raw lyricism, trophy wife produce 3 dimensional songs full of complexity and emotion. The songs i posted in this video aren’t my favourite on the patience fury record, but as the whole thing is amazing its not really a problem.. also i really love watching katy otto drum. You can listen to more at their myspace.

APR 17
So i was trying to find info about this band and couldnt find any in time for this post – admittedly i didnt look that hard as i just wanted to get it up. I did find out they r a three piece from san paulo, brazil. They make gutsy lofi melodic punk grounded in melancholy riffs and fast tempo. this demo really grew on me alot with a couple listens, check it out at their soundcloud.

APR 18
taking a detour from the usual stuff i post on song of the day, simo soo (one half of previous song of the day-ers New Boyfriend) gives us the perfect soundtrack to smash stuff to. This kid is so productive with a multitude of breakcore punk awesomeness on their bandcamp for your enjoyment.

APR 20
stripped back canadian riot grrl with a good twist of bratty teen angst. blunt lyrics, fast pace heaps of attitude. awesome.

APR 21
although ex-best friends have been described as “post punk with riot grrl attitude” i find this a super unsatisfying description. i feel like these days any band with female vocals is given the tag “riot grrl” and ne thing departing from hardcore is tagged “post punk”. While ex bestfriends definitely have elements of these things, some riffs from their heavily bass driven songs are reminiscent seem to stem from screamo roots, while gang vocals, inventive song structures and fast paced energy keep it fresh defying any one genre. whatever you call it, i think its awesome.

APR 24
i have been in love with this cassette ever since i first heard it and am so happy to be able to be selling some (as of now omg check out the home and catalogue pages for details). 5 songs of amazing lo fi fun tough smart punk tunes ranging from such subject matter as how good pizza is to the rampant sexism still within our scenes. to the point smart lyrics complimented by a nice dash of cuteness, this tape is fricken sweet. sadly now over, you can check out these sweet tunes at their last fm page.

APR 25
i have been listening to this demo on repeat for about an hour and each time i think i like it more. with members of duck and cover and no statik, oakland’s replica offers a demo with songs that manage both to be totally complete standing alone, whilst still fitting together as perfect mosh pit shaped puzzle pieces. The thing i love the most about this tape (although the sick drums, ripping guitar and take no shit vocals are all amazing) are the interesting bass lines. hidden under the noise and immediate intensity right in your face, alicia’s bass talents offer a personality to the music that is so often missing from generic hardcore bands. i am so sold, and u should be too. see their bandcamp for more songs!

APR 26
sounding like this record was produced in DC in the 80s olympias hysterics mix old school hardcore with inspiring lyrics to give one fucking killer demo, complete with a limp wrist cover! i have had this demo on repeat for a while now and always am getting stuck on this track, even more so after reading the amazing lyrics. i have posted them below as although musically this band is sick, these lyrics are really powerful and should be seen. enjoy!

im not here to have fun
not here to participate
i’m just here to decorate
i’m just here to decorate
pick me up in your car
i hope i look nice on your arm
when your chilling with ur bros
when we go out to the shows
own me, i could be yours today
going once… going twice..
i claim myself!!!
all the same expectations,
balk at re-imagination
all the same unspoken rules
i know im a joke to you
pretend to listen to humor me
you’re as condescending as can be
same duties of our given roles
with different music, different clothes
…what counterculture?

APR 27
If your not a fan of earnesty, then this band is not for you. Having said that, Chin up Meriwether are special in the sense that they manage to balance thoughtful passionate lyrics, covering topics of homophobic violence, supporting friends and coming out, with awesome high energy, heavily bass driven pop punk. full of breaks, noodly guitar, harmonies and lyrics u wanna scream at the top of ur lungs, i love this record and i love this band and you can hear more of them at their myspace.

APR 29
ok so i know im on a little bit of an olympia kick at the moment, but there r so many amazing bands there that u find one and u just wanna keep going and dog jaw are no exception to this. Solid bass lines give a backbone to the songs while melding of melodic and raw guitar gives the guts. All of this upheld by steady drums that maintain stamina from one song to another. I think i love this record because the vocals are so consistently ferocious that by the end of this record you feel like you and those who are worthy to stand close to you can take on ne bullshit and any asshole that dares step in your way, songs about not so fun stuff that inspire us to stand together. you can hear and download their record in full at rumbletowne records.

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