So I am hoping i will get to post a new song every day, or at least, every couple of days. Hopefully this will serve as a sort of continuing mix tape that can connect rad kids across the world and put people both in touch with new music and old music they might have loved and forgotten. As constant media updates make the page heavy and slow, see the archives at the bottom for previous song of the day goodness. If you have an awesome band (that fits with the distro – see the about page) that u want to be shared email me!

 16 MAR
I have had Berlin’s Sissters ear marked for SOTD for 2 weeks and as per usual i haven’t gotten around to putting it up. Although i have become a little obsessed with this band I could not write a better description than that written by Oliver Arditi: “Tension is built through long passages of repeated phrases that terminate in a sustained note, or that lack any sense of cadential resolution, and it is frequently only the drums that provide continuity, while the rest of the sound breaks up into separated gestures…This is not comfortable music; it’s not something you can chill out to, but something that demands your attention, prodding at you with a continual urgency.” To make up for my lacking commitment to SOTD (and also coz mika risiko is amazing to watch) i have shared a video and a son, which u can see among other stuff on their tumblr and band camp, check it out!




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