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Sisters Inside fundraiser and petition!

For those of u who aren’t familiar, Sisters Inside is an independent organization that provides a number of programs supporting incarcerated women and their families in queensland. This ranges from inside counseling, advocacy, support for women and their kids post release and heaps more. At the beginning of this financial year they were informed they were going to have funding cut to three of their programs: the special circumstances court program (helps homeless adults charged with minor offences avoid the criminal justice system and be referred to an appropriate service), the work pathways program (providing training to women post release) and the townsville women’s prison support program (counselling and support services for women at townsville correctional centre).

The following was taken from the sisters inside values and visions:

“Sisters Inside should relentlessly pursue issues of injustice suffered by all women, especially women in prison and elsewhere in the criminal justice system. We recognise that social change may come at a cost, and are therefore committed to making strategic decisions and taking risks to fight for issues that the organisation feels strongly about. Clearly this will mean that we will be in conflict with those systems that benefit from the current situation. We therefore need courage in dealing with conflict and consequences of conflict as an organisation.”

So this all happened at the same time as alot of other queensland community services and health providers lost their funding and consequently left alot of people without the services they rely on. So what can we do? you can check out the petition that is compelling the newman government to reinstate funding to this vital service. You can also go directly to the Sisters Inside website and hit the donate now button.


Another thing u can do if u dont have money to donate directly, but u got a ton of old punk merch u feel could be loved by others u can give that to me instead! So im not going to pretend this is my idea, coz i totally poached it off of Jelena from Outright, but in her words “the idea is nothing unless its used and shared”.

So this is the deal:
Step one: u give me ur old shirts/records/patches/watever
Step two: i sell them for cheap at shows
Step three: i donate 100% of the takings to sisters inside

This is a super easy thing and all u need to do is email me at and tell me what u got and i will even come get it!

We as punks talk alot about injustices and change and its easy for those words to lose meaning after a while. Its important for us not to forget what we are striving for and to put those words into action, no matter how small the action is.

❤ x


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For Sarah Kirsch – repost from MRR

For Sarah Kirsch…

6 12 2012

We just received this message from Spencer Rangitsch. You can read this older post for more info about Sarah…

Sarah Kirsch passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon. She had been gaining much strength in recent weeks in her continuing battle against Fanconi Anemia. Close friends and family were together with her at her passing and are now mourning this utterly devastating loss.

Nothing I can say in this setting can do any real justice to the impact Sarah Kirsch had on my life and the lives of so many others. She was by far the most inspiring person I will ever encounter in my brief time on this Earth. She was also my best friend. The experiences of that friendship, and her direct impact on my life, shaped who I am today  more than any other person. She had an affect and a presence and a spirit that will be well remembered — I will carry it with me forever.

In the truest sense, Sarah was ahead of her time, almost as if from another galaxy: her talent, vision, creativity, empathy, values, compassion, dedication and unrelenting passion for life — all were truly unsurpassable and there is no one who I could ever even imagine having just one of those qualities in greater quantity.

Sarah once wrote, “I believe in people. That deep within the most beaten down of us there is a will to survive, an instinct to rise above.” Though she always put her concern and belief in others first, Sarah herself had that same will to the very end.

Just this past Sunday she and I were sitting in her living room, our guitars plugged into our mini Honeytone amps… It was the strongest I had seen her in months, and it was just like our semi-acoustic songwriting jam sessions of old: playing songs over and over and over again, sharing our ideas about different parts, and singing along together. It gave her strength that day, and I’ll never forget how she laughed while we were playing from nothing more than simply how good it felt to be playing those songs with renewed confidence and excitement.

I will miss her more than anything, and my life really and truly will not be the same without her…

Sara Kirsch bandography:
The Skinflutes (guitar and backing vocals, 1988–89)
Fuel (guitar and vocals, 1989–1991)
Fifteen (second guitar on s/t 7”, 1990)
Silver Bearing (vocals on split LP with Moss Icon, 1990)
Pinhead Gunpowder (guitar and vocals, 1990–1994)
Sawhorse (guitar and vocals, 1991–1992)
Navio Forge (guitar and backing vocals, 1993)
John Henry West (guitar, 1993)
Sixteen Bullets (guitar and vocals, 1994)
Torches To Rome (guitar and vocals, 1995–1996)
Bread and Circuits (guitar and vocals, 1998–1999)
Please Inform the Captain This is a Hijack (guitar/vocals/samples/beats, 2000–2003,2006)
Colbom (guitar and backing vocals, 2001)
Baader Brains (guitar, 2005–present)
Mothercountry Motherfuckers (guitar and vocals, 2010–present)

Feel free to leave comments here or share stories and memorabilia with Spencer (srangitsch {at} gmx(.)net) to be collected for a memorial page to be posted later.  

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In a very small amount of time with a massive amount of effort Tara-Jayne from One Brick Today (the only person in One Brick Today) has managed to organize an entire ALL AGES tour for San Fran hardcore outfit Punch. For those of u who saw punch last time u will be excited as they are awesome, and if u don’t know them u should check em out as they r awesome! Also there r tons of awesome bands playing with them and every show is set to be a winner, the only thing missing is you! So come out and support international touring bands, and also support the people on this end that work their butts off to make it happen and very rarely get much credit for doing so.

ALSO VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! CIRCUITS ARE PLAYING ONE LAST SHOW!!!!. After an extremely long hiatus, you have a chance to come see them one more time and say goodbye, DONT MISS IT.
Below are all the details for the shows, the other bands playing and the flyers (minus newcastle and 1st adelaide shows).

Tues Nov 20th – MELBOURNE @ The Place, Preston.
Wed Nov 21st – ADELAIDE @ The Squatters Arms, Therbarton.
Thur Nov 22nd – ADELAIDE @ Animal House, Adelaide.
Fri Nov 23rd – MELBOURNE @ Phoenix Youth Centre, Footscray.
Sat Nov 24th – SYDNEY @ Sashimi Studios, Marrickville.
Sun Nov 25th – SYDNEY @ Black Wire Records, Annandale.
Mon Nov 26th – NEWCASTLE @ The Croation Club, Wickham.
Wed Nov 28th – BYRON BAY @ Dodo Lair Warehouse, Byron Bay.
Thur Nov 29th – BRISBANE @ Valhalla House, Tarragindi.
Fri Nov 30th – GOLD COAST @ Expressive Grounds, Palm Beach.
Sat Dec 1st – BRISBANE @ Sun Distortion, Albion.

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FINALLY!!!! we have all been waiting SO LONG to get our own little pieces of GH amazingness to take home and play on repeat every day for ever! and now its here!! well, atleast it will be really soon! if u dont know Glory Hole, they are fast, fun, loud, queer and fucking tough and are filling a huge void in the Sydney Scene. Come to their launch! get a tape! dance!

ALSO!!!!!!! GH will be curating an event as part of the SEX CLUB catalogue at performance space this november! I don’t know tons about this event as a whole, but GH describe their night:
“A night curated by Queercore band Glory Hole. Fuck shit up and fight back in a night of queer punk and performance that says, ‘Fuck the assimilationist gaystream agenda that aspires to an equality that is neither queer, politicized, meaningful or inclusive’. One night of glorious revolutionary queer punk chaos !! Now featuring Simo Soo and Adonis and an array of installation based performances, roving performers, visual art, projections, zine and record/cd/tape distro’s, go go dancers and more TBA
thats right! i will be there!!! this event is 10 bucks and can only take 100 people so get in quick! u can buy tix here or GH are offering to put some aside for u if u need to pay in person, just email em ( and they can sort u out!

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so if u didnt catch the awesomeness of San Fransisco’s Punch the first time in 2009 (or if u did and ur eager for more) then u r in luck! One Brick Today have just announced an 11 date ALL AGES tour starting on the 20th of November!!

“PUNCH, thrashcore band based in San Francisco, California, recognizable by fast, heavy sound with pulverizing breakdowns, intelligent song structures and absolutely plastering vocals… Kicking off in Melbourne, then working their way around and up the coast… Their latest 7″ ‘How Nothing Lasts’ is out now on Deathwish / 625 Thrash / Discos Huelga.”

check out the one brick today facebook for supports and individual show details.




If punch are new to ur ear holes and this one song isnt enuff for u, check out their myspace for more!!

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this is a really cool resource for all you kinksters out there!

So is an initiative started through ACON and described as “Claude is an initiative of the Lesbian and Same Sex Attracted Women’s Sexual Health Project at ACON. Through Claude we aim to reach sexually adventurous women across different ages, geographical locations, cultural backgrounds and sexual identities in the BDSM/Swingers/Kink communities.” Although this language might not sit right with u for whatever reason, this site has info on kink friendly services (such as counseling and doctors), legal information about whats what when kink meets the courts and also health info for keeping it safe. there is also tons of info specific to blood play, tending wounds and an FAQ page where u can ask anything on ur mind and stay anonymous.
OH! and if u fill out a brief survey you can get a free pack sent to u (either for blood play or not) that contains gloves, toy cleaner and other goodies. There is so much info on here i can’t even cover it all so just check it out!!

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