Sisters Inside fundraiser and petition!

For those of u who aren’t familiar, Sisters Inside is an independent organization that provides a number of programs supporting incarcerated women and their families in queensland. This ranges from inside counseling, advocacy, support for women and their kids post release and heaps more. At the beginning of this financial year they were informed they were going to have funding cut to three of their programs: the special circumstances court program (helps homeless adults charged with minor offences avoid the criminal justice system and be referred to an appropriate service), the work pathways program (providing training to women post release) and the townsville women’s prison support program (counselling and support services for women at townsville correctional centre).

The following was taken from the sisters inside values and visions:

“Sisters Inside should relentlessly pursue issues of injustice suffered by all women, especially women in prison and elsewhere in the criminal justice system. We recognise that social change may come at a cost, and are therefore committed to making strategic decisions and taking risks to fight for issues that the organisation feels strongly about. Clearly this will mean that we will be in conflict with those systems that benefit from the current situation. We therefore need courage in dealing with conflict and consequences of conflict as an organisation.”

So this all happened at the same time as alot of other queensland community services and health providers lost their funding and consequently left alot of people without the services they rely on. So what can we do? you can check out the petition that is compelling the newman government to reinstate funding to this vital service. You can also go directly to the Sisters Inside website and hit the donate now button.


Another thing u can do if u dont have money to donate directly, but u got a ton of old punk merch u feel could be loved by others u can give that to me instead! So im not going to pretend this is my idea, coz i totally poached it off of Jelena from Outright, but in her words “the idea is nothing unless its used and shared”.

So this is the deal:
Step one: u give me ur old shirts/records/patches/watever
Step two: i sell them for cheap at shows
Step three: i donate 100% of the takings to sisters inside

This is a super easy thing and all u need to do is email me at and tell me what u got and i will even come get it!

We as punks talk alot about injustices and change and its easy for those words to lose meaning after a while. Its important for us not to forget what we are striving for and to put those words into action, no matter how small the action is.

❤ x



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