FINALLY!!!! we have all been waiting SO LONG to get our own little pieces of GH amazingness to take home and play on repeat every day for ever! and now its here!! well, atleast it will be really soon! if u dont know Glory Hole, they are fast, fun, loud, queer and fucking tough and are filling a huge void in the Sydney Scene. Come to their launch! get a tape! dance!

ALSO!!!!!!! GH will be curating an event as part of the SEX CLUB catalogue at performance space this november! I don’t know tons about this event as a whole, but GH describe their night:
“A night curated by Queercore band Glory Hole. Fuck shit up and fight back in a night of queer punk and performance that says, ‘Fuck the assimilationist gaystream agenda that aspires to an equality that is neither queer, politicized, meaningful or inclusive’. One night of glorious revolutionary queer punk chaos !! Now featuring Simo Soo and Adonis and an array of installation based performances, roving performers, visual art, projections, zine and record/cd/tape distro’s, go go dancers and more TBA
thats right! i will be there!!! this event is 10 bucks and can only take 100 people so get in quick! u can buy tix here or GH are offering to put some aside for u if u need to pay in person, just email em ( and they can sort u out!

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One response to “GLORY HOLE TAPE LAUNCH!!!!!!

  1. gloryholesexclub

    Me very exciting for glory hole sex tape and waiting for 30th nov.

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