Ooooh! new things! ok, so some of this stuff isnt so new, but i have been so caught up i havent put it up on the interwebs until now, but its still exciting! Get in touch if ne thing takes your fancy!!


DIAMOND SEA slow signal 10″  10$

Flashing back to 2008, most of u may know this release as a 3″ mini cd, but it was also released as a 10″ that got sold a little bit here and a bit more in the U.S. This record is on black vinyl with a full A4 lyric sheet and beautiful thankyou lion. Featuring almost the same line up as infinite void, but with stef cola (concrete life) weaving sick guitar noodles, this band also has members of circuits, terror firma and deep heat. Check out their myspace for a taste.



CONCRETE LIFE s/t cassette   $4

Ex members of the diamond sea, the focus and paddington bear affair come together to make melodic full sounding rock n roll punk tunes. This demo is great but doesnt have ne thing on the energy they carry live. Check out their bandcamp for free download  of their demo and keep an eye out for their shows.



FANTAILS s/t cassette  $4

Hard edged political pop punk from wellington with tuned down guitars and melodic vocals sung in english, french and maori. Love this tape. In true DIY fashion, the band has dubbed their demo over old op-shop tapes and it comes wrapped in the same lyric sheet insert as found in the CD version of the same release. If you are into cd’s u should get ur hands on this in that format (i dont have any but u can contact the band) as it comes in a beautiful hand sewn screen printed pouch. Featuring members of one bazillion other NZ bands, check out their band camp for a free download of this demo, and also check out Sarsha’s distro for other treats!



NATURAL GLOW young, gifted, fat cassette $4

Fast, angry, fuck you punk also from wellington and also featuring Sarsha from Fantails. This band also features the same members of metal band Cult of the Cobra (COC also has 2 other members) who are just as sick, and if u r into this then they r definitely worth a listen.



DISPLEASURE demonstrations of displeasure cassette $4

Gritty fast punk full of attitude and rolling momentum. The low fi sound of this tape makes u feel like you have uncovered some lost hidden treasure stolen away from punk history, BUT luckily for all of us this demo only came out in 2011 for a repress in 2012 and for all accounts is till makin noise around the bay area. Visit terminal escape for a download link of this demo.



RULE OF THIRDS s/t cassette $4

Droney goth melancholy from adelaide. Get some mascara and some fishnets and pretend ur ambivalent to it.


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