QUEER ROCK CAMP NEEDS YOU!… and your money

This is a really special and amazing project from olympia, heading into its second year! They are fundraising through an indigogo campaign to help fund the program which includes music stuff aswell as discussions and empowerment around gender, sexuality and identity! The following is taken from their indigogo campaign:

“The first session of Queer Rock Camp debuted in August of 2011 at Lincoln Options Elementary School in Olympia Washington…and it was amazing! Thirty-three youth came, learned new instruments, formed bands, wrote killer songs, and performed at a public showcase at the historic Capital Theater. (Don’t miss it this year!!) We anxiously await our next session of camp coming this July, as well as our new program Adult Queer Rock Camp coming this March!!

Queer Rock Camp is a program of Stonewall Youth, a non-profit organization serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and allied youth, ages 12-21, in the form of drop-in hours, peer support groups, activist summer school, and many other youth advocacy and empowerment programs.

We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our friends at the Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls in Portland Oregon and the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. The Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls began in August 2001 and has spread around the world building confidence, and inspiring radical, empowered girls and women though week-long summer camps, after-school programs, Ladies Rock Camps, and more!”

Everyone can empathise with the importance of being empowered as a young person, especially in the context of identity and sexuality and projects like this need the support of the wider queer community! u can check out more at http://www.queerrockcamp.org or donate at their indigogo campaign.


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