Originally released as a cd, one brick today has just rereleased the 2009 circuits demo on cassette. Aside from a split tape featuring these songs + another track released for their south east asia tour, this demo stands as the only recording documenting melbourne based circuits. Sitting at just under 10 minutes, this demo tears through a high intensity rollercoaster melding screamo, raw bursting hardcore and powerful lyrics. With both lead and back up vocals sounding as if they are being ripped and dragged from the core, this demo carries something special, delicate and take no shit fucking furious.

Slightly modifying the original artwork, the tapes come in soft cases with lyric sheet inserts and have been strictly limited to a run of only 50. With members of majorca, shit weather, infinite void, this is a must have for ne one building a collection of important australian bands. See their myspace to hear more, or buy from me for $4


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