Queer Service Class & Queer Mommy Dynamics Panel

One thing i love about mardi gras season is that this over commercialized total queer shaming mainstream event inspires some really amazing radical responses from awesome people. The following is taken from the facebook event of a panel discussion happening this wednesday, see you there!!


Please note: This kinky event is a class and panel discussion about negotiated power dynamics between consenting adults.

Ever wanted to do service or been curious to try being a houseboy/girl – but didn’t know what it meant or really entailed?

Perhaps you are familiar with the identity and concept of Daddy, but it never really fit for you? Maybe you have never even heard or thought about Mommy?

Then please join us for The Queer Service Class and Queer Mommy Dynamics Panel – which are being presented in order to shed some much needed light on these subjects!

Visiting Special Guest Alix Iron from San Francisco will be hosting the event in conjunction with the Sydney Leather Pride Association.

Ms. Sydney Leather 2011 will be the moderator for the evening.

We are fortunate to have Miss Kelli Jean, Huckleberry Spin, Holly Zwalf, Vincent Valentine and Bettie Brimstone as the eloquent and fabulous panelists who will be participating in one or both panels.

We will be engaging in a lively discussion about such matters as:

*Who are we?

*What kinds of service are there?

*What does service mean to us and why do we do it?

*What do we get from doing service?

*How is punishment & reward handled and does it effect us?


*Where does Mommy & Boy/Girl the continuum fit along the
identity spectrum?

*What are the physical and mental titillating aspects of Mommy &
Boy/Girl play?

*How does gender influence Mommy & Boy/Girl play? Can Mommy
be Daddy too?

*Are there taboo implications and stigma around Mommy &
Boy/Girl play?


Doors at 6:30pm / Service Class 7-8:30pm / Mommy Panel 9-10:30pm

$10 – $15 Sliding Scale & No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds


Alix Iron is a dapper rockabilly genderqueer FTM dandy intersex poof who is feminist to the core and perverted as all get out. He’s a proud pinky-extending, pompadour sporting, swagger in his stride stepping Mommy’s boy and faggy butchdyke creature. He came out into the leather kinky BDSM community in San Francisco in 1988 and was raised up believing in the ethos of the Old Guard. He thinks manners, etiquette and chivalry are super hot, and relishes in serving fancy n foxy high femmes who have solid integrity, a strong sense of style, and firm political convictions.

He writes, teaches and holds community panels on such topics as “Queer Mommy/Boy Dynamics”, “Pansies, Dandies & Sissies: Fae Representations of Masculinity,” “Queer Service: What Do You Have to Give?” and “Genitorture for the Trans Cock.” He is the owner of the Inverted Eye (www.InvertedEye.com) – an online store offering subtly kinky vintage items and discreet fetish antiques.


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