Good Grief Zine submission call out


This is a really cool project being put together by some kids up in brisbane!!


Compilation of thoughts, writing, creativity from the common thread of loss – specifically grieving the death of someone close to us. All grieving is different, and there is no in/correct way to process and account our losses.

Why? This zine was borne out of conversations we had about our experiences of grief and loss. We’ve found that most people don’t know how to support you when you’re grieving, so we wanted to make a zine that is helpful both to those who are grieving and for our friends and lovers that want to know how better to support us.

You may feel inspired to write about what has and has not helped your process (so that others may learn to support us) and things that you have done for yourself (so that we may support ourselves). This is of course just a suggestion.


If you have lost someone and feel able to contribute somehow, please do so by the beginning of 2012. Date is flexible – all things take time . Submissions, queries and proposals to


Please pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested


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One response to “Good Grief Zine submission call out

  1. lena

    thank you for sharing this!! we’ll be taking submissions until the end of february *officially* but probably will continue until we have “enough” for an issue, anything spare we’ll hold onto for another print. xoxo

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