Every ho i know says so

so this video was made in 2010 and is an awesome resource for non-sex workers to gain insight into how to be supportive (or atleast how not to be a fuckhead) of/to their beloved sex working friends, family and lovers that i have seen. I feel like this is super accessible to people who maybe dont have alot of knowledge around sex work politics and/or the day to day experiences of those who engage in the industry. This ignorance (which is totally supported by institutionalised validation of anti sex work sentiment, victimization and degrading bullshit heaped onto sex workers every day) often can lead to people unintentionally fucking with us and not even realizing. This video has also been translated into a few different languages, although on their website i only seem to be able to find the German subtitles, but i will keep searching and update later. There is also a version of the video with english subtitles. A recent update on this project was also posted on the blog of one of the creators, Lusty Day. You can find it here: http://smartassed.com/2011/04/update-on-every-ho-i-know-says-so/

The following is lifted directly from http://www.everyhoiknow.com/aboutus.html also check out their links page for links to lusty day’s blog and other sex worker resources.

EVERY HO I KNOW SAYS SO is a response to the lack of accessible online resources for people who want to date and love sex workers and do it well.  As sex workers, we want to support our lovers to continue unlearning their internalized stigma against sex workers, especially in intimate relationships.  Too often our sweeties consult the people around them when they are struggling with acceptance – like doctors, therapists, friends or parents – and they get whorephobic advice and judgement for even considering dating us.  We think that we sex workers have valuable advice and direction to give to the people who we are getting intimate with.

If this is you, lover, here is what we say to you:

“Welcome to your journey to becoming a sex worker-positive and supportive lover and person in the community!!! By continuing to work on your attitudes about our work and educating yourself, you are showing us that you care. We love you!”

Who made this video??  EVERY HO I KNOW SAYS SO was made by two sex workers, Beef Jerky and Lusty Day.

Lusty Day is a white, middle-class genderqueer kinky independent escort hailing from Toronto, where whorephobia was a major reason for her breakup of a four-year relationship.  The whorephobia was not just evident in her lover’s behaviour, but also in the wider world where this lover sought advice and support.

Beef Jerky is an australian, white, class privileged queer trans boy who works it as a lady hooker and dancer with a rainbow of experiences including dating fellow sex workers, dating workers while not a worker, and also dating non-sex workers.

We made this video with no budget, just our own labour. All the sex workers in the video volunteered their advice and chose how they wished to be filmed.


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