NEW!!..and also almost out!!

ooopsie! so i forgot to update the Spoonfed/thorax split tapes onto the internets and now i only have 2 left. so if u want em, get in quick as im not sure if any more of these will be made.

yes, these do have handwritten everything, and yes, that is a punching fist coming out of a butt. For those who like it dark and heavy, Spoonfed = ex members of Crux, doss, none remain, pur evil trio etc. while thorax = ex members of scum system kill, poodles, masstrauma, ether rag, altered beast etc.

as far as i can tell thorax dont have ne where to listen, but u can check out the dark metallic crustiness of spoonfed at when it opens either click the titles written on the books in the picture (actually the titles of the songs) or right click it and download the whole demo.





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