Aceh Punx Released

So if you haven’t heard by now, 64 punks from Aceh, Indonesia were arrested at a show roughly a week and a half ago. these kids were imprisoned for “re-education” by way of shaving their heads, forcing communal bathing and forced religious worship. This story has been covered quite a bit over the media so instead of retelling these events you can see the links below to gain a better picture of the story:


For the story in pictures:


According to the Jakarta globe, the Aceh Punks were released on the 23rd Dec from detention. Although this event may have come to a close, the potential for further arrests has not been ruled out by local police, and again serves as a reminder of limits of self expression experienced by some folks and the privileges of individuals such as myself whom are allowed such autonomy over things like choice of dress. One positive note to come out of these events is the instant show of support from the international punk community with projects such as Mixtapes for Aceh and protesting at Indonesian embassies around the globe. Below are some links and suggestions of how to help the Aceh punks aswell as some updates on actions in solidarity.

Mixtapes for Aceh project organised by Aborted Society. Send love and support through the power of the mixtape.

Jakarta globe article on international punk solidarity –

A-Infos – update on global solidarity with Aceh punks



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