omg i am so excited about the order i just got in! all of these bands are incredible and even if u dont want to buy ne thing u should totally check them all out as these records have helped me weather many a heavy storm.

RVIVR  the joester sessions 08-11  LP $14


i love this record!  With lyrics that walk the line between upward dreams of the future and the hurtful frustrations of the present; this record is a hunk of melodic motherfuckin pop punk that will challenge even the most stoic of us to not lose their shit. If you love killer riffs, fast drums and gang vocals then this is the band for u. 2x 7″ + the dirty water ep = the joester sessions. Black vinyl with a newspaper zine, this band is a must.

lyrics here: http://rvivr.wordpress.com/

download/listen here: http://www.rumbletowne.com/rtr/rtr-releases/RTR011


CHIN UP, MERIWETHER! fruition LP $14

Chin up meriwether are… amazing. This is queer as fuck pop punk at its best managing to move from melodic gentle singalongs into brutal fierce as fuck screaming matches seamlessly. Kick ass bass lines forming the glue between drum fills and tight guitar riffs set the scene for the energy conveyed in the vocals. Although musically this is a pleasure to listen to, what sets this band a part is the honesty and beauty in the lyricism. Fruition manages to discuss the anger, pain and frustration of homophobic violence, coming out and self discovery while still keeping in focus the strength of ourselves, our friends and the pleasure of giving a big fuck you the to heteronormative bullshit imparted on us all.  Hand printed covers (with inky fingerprints to prove it) in an array of colour combinations and photocopied inserts.



LEMURIA ozzy 7″ $7

Sweet enough to give u a toothache, a warm heart and a singalong or two. 



DARK LION self 7″ $7

This record is 6 minutes of frustration, anger and fury. Coming out of Pensacola Florida, Dark lion only made one release (as far as i can tell) which is an incredible bummer as this rough as fuck recording leaves u so amped up u have to either listen to it again, smash something or smash something while listening to this record again. I havent been able to track ne info down as far as members of DL going on to do other bands as one bio seems to be circulated everywhere, so if u got ne info or recomendations to check out pass it on! This 7′ comes with a stapled photocopied booklet.

http://www.myspace.com/darklion850 – note this myspace was not set up by the band.



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